A collection of some of Sebastian Rasalingam's Political writings.

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Mr. Sebastian Rasalingam has declined our attempts to meet with him. He has communicated with us by e-mail and sometimes sent us his articles (that we had missed) by e-mail. He has stated that Prof. Hoole, and many other distinguished Tamil academics have also communicated with him, and that he is in no position to meet with anyone, especially because of his advanced age.
It is believed that he lives with his children who have immigrated to Ontario, Canada.

Based on his writings, we surmise that, unlike most Tamil-speaking writers, he is an educated, vocal "low-caste" Tamil. He seems to have grown up in the Donoughmore era (1930s), lived in Jaffna, Mannar and Hatton. We discern his wife to be an "Indian Tamil" from Hatton. Their arrival in Colombo is said to have opened him the possibility of further self-education in night schools etc., unhindered by the caste restrictions and threats that he had faced in previous locations.

So he presents a segment of society that is rarely heard in print. What he writes about the Sinhala-Tamil conflict is naturally only a partial truth, seen from his perspective (emphasizing the caste discrimination that he suffered, and the hierarchic society of the Tamils). His emphasis on discrimination within the community is very different from the usual discourse emphasizing inter-communal discrimination where the Sinhala-only legislation is viewed as the beginnings of communal violence. Whatever it is, his views, even if over-emphasized, must be taken into account to complement the other partial truths that exist within today's political discourse.

Articles by Sebastian Rasalingam (not a complete list) date
  • The 1983 `Black-July' pogrom and police inaction, Rasalingam, Guardian, March 2013
  • Inter-group bridge building and not pie-cutting devolution, by Rasalingam 2009
    Prabakaran Has Done To Tamils What No Dutugemunu Could Do, by Rasalingam - 2007
    Catching a Cobra by the Tail, by Rasalingam - 2007

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